Highbrook Business Park



A 7,503 sqm warehouse completed in June 2017 and is now leased to Beijer.

Showrooms warehouses

A multi-unit showroom and warehouse facility of 1,826 sqm completed in December 2017.

AB Equipment

A 2,919 sqm warehouse completed December 2017 and is now occupied by AB Equipment.


An 6,402 sqm facility was completed for ACCO at Highbrook Business Park and completed August 2017.

Quest Expansion

Quest Highbrook is doubling in size with 60 apartments being added, this expansion is scheduled to complete December 2018.

Building 6, The Crossing

Following the recent success of Building 5 a 3,000 sqm of high quality office space is under construction and scheduled to complete September 2018.

The Crossing Car Park

A multi-storey car park building is being developed adjacent to Building 6. This will provide 324 extra spaces at The Crossing. Scheduled to complete May 2019.


A 9,800 sqm warehouse was built for Spicers, who were already an existing customer in Highbrook Business Park. This facility completed March 2018.

Plytech Expansion

A 7,300 sqm industrial facility at Highbrook Business Park is being developed for Plytech International Limited. Scheduled to complete November 2018.

Gateway Warehouses

The construction of seven new warehouses is underway at the gateway to Highbrook Business Park. Two have already been leased. They are scheduled to complete December 2018.

Parade Units

Seven build-to lease warehouses are under construction and scheduled to complete October 2018. The development totals 5,770 sqm.

Move Logistics Expansion

A 5,417 sqm warehouse expansion is underway for existing customer Move Logistics. Scheduled to complete March 2019.