Goodman Property Trust Annual Report 2022


We’re living in an era of rapid change. Advances in technology, changes in consumer behaviour and the ongoing impacts of a global pandemic are all contributing to a growing digital economy.

Goodman is at the forefront of these changes, providing the physical infrastructure that allows supply chains to operate efficiently. Our warehouse and logistics facilities are an essential link in these networks, allowing customers to manage inventory while distribution services connect these businesses with suppliers, clients, and consumers.

Expectations are being reset with the immediacy of e-commerce and prompt fulfilment offers a competitive advantage for businesses that can meet consumers’ demands for faster delivery and greater convenience.

As a result, demand for well-located distribution facilities is outstripping supply in many locations across Auckland. A growing awareness around climate change and wellbeing is also driving customers to seek out more energy efficient and sustainable solutions when considering their future property requirements.

NZ Post NZ Post
NZ Post, Highbrook Business Park
Urban regeneration Urban regeneration
Roma Road Estate, Mt Roskill
In Auckland, land is a diminishing and valuable resource. With just one greenfield development property in the portfolio and limited acquisition opportunities, the Trust is increasingly focused on the redevelopment of its non-core assets.

The inner-city location of these brownfield properties provides the greatest efficiency for customers focused on last mile delivery, minimising travel distances and transport-related emissions while improving speed to market.

The redevelopment of these older style properties into modern, efficient, sustainable distribution facilities improves the efficiency of Auckland’s industrial building stock and makes use of existing infrastructure. Through intensification of use it helps limit urban sprawl, while the recycling of demolition materials reduces landfill waste.

Over 70% of GMT’s current development workbook is being constructed on brownfield sites. Two of the largest current projects are design-built facilities for NZ Post. They extend a relationship that dates back to 2007, when the Trust delivered its first facility for the customer at Highbrook Business Park in East Tāmaki.

Today NZ Post is GMT’s largest customer, with both businesses focused on meeting the demands of the new digital age in a sustainable way.
E-commerce and NZ Post