Operational Highlights

This year, we’ve completed the portfolio repositioning and made rapid progress with our development programme. An investment strategy focused on the Auckland industrial market is creating value for investors and contributing to record financial results. We’ve deleveraged the balance sheet and have substantial funding capacity for future investment and development opportunities.

$ 334.8 m
Profit before tax 61.6% increase
36.1 %
Total Unitholder Return 12 months to 31 March 2019
$ 201.9 m
Portfolio revaluation 140.9% increase
19.7 %
Loan to value ratio 25% previously
$ 370.5 m
Asset Sales including WPH
6.65 cpu
Cash distributions $86.0 million paid
$ 160.5 m
New development projects total project cost
157.0 cpu
Net tangible asset backing 13% increase