Our approach

Goodman Property Trust is New Zealand’s largest listed property investor. It is a high-quality business with a substantial portfolio, a wide customer base and a proven development capability.

Goodman invests strategically and for the long-term, delivering sustainable property solutions that will continue to meet the needs of its customers well into the future. An investment strategy focused on the Auckland industrial market provides these customers with high-quality properties close to major transport networks.


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Our approach

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We invest in warehouse and logistics property because of its return profile, the depth of the market and its essential role in the supply chain.

Auckland is our preferred location being the country’s gateway city and main logistics hub.

We own high-quality assets, putting our customers close to consumers in key urban locations.

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Strategic sites and a proven development capability provides our customers with tailored and sustainable property solutions.

Around 80% of GMT’s $3.8 billion portfolio has been developed since 2004, creating a modern industrial portfolio of unrivalled scale and quality.

With $250.1 million of projects currently under development, more than 60% of the space is already leased.

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The foundation of our business is the 210+ companies that have chosen Goodman as their property partner.

We manage all aspects of our business directly and pride ourselves on the strength of our customer relationships.

We invest for the long-term and manage prudently to ensure we maintain a strong balance sheet that supports sustainable growth well into the future.