Goodman Property Trust Annual Report 2022

People and culture

Focusing on the following material factors helps create a safe and inclusive business:
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Social equity

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of a comprehensive approach to workplace health and safety.

We have further adapted our work practices over the last 12 months to help our people remain safe and well, and to ensure that our worksites are compliant with new regulations associated with the COVID-19 public health response.

Social distancing and contact tracing protocols have continued, while agile work practices have allowed us to work remotely when we have taken the precautionary step of closing our offices. We have also provided our people and their families with a supply of personal protective equipment and rapid antigen tests.

A new Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provided by Benestar helps ensure that all aspects of our people’s wellbeing are being professionally supported through this time of unique challenges.

Key targets Progress Status
Safety at work
  • No serious harm injuries across all workplaces and contractor-controlled worksites in FY22
  • Goodman safety framework strengthened with COVID-19 precautions
  • Contractor induction and certification on all worksites
Diverse workplace
  • Gender, ethnicity and age representation targets set for 2023
  • Improved gender representation with 37.5% of senior executive team female
  • Our team of 64 includes nine different ethnicities, with speakers of 11 different languages
Social procurement and supply chain ethics
  • Introducing social procurement obligations into construction contracts and supplier agreements
  • Wider supply chain review planned to ensure compliance with modern slavery regulations
Goodman brand values
  • Refresh of brand values this year
  • Performance assessments include measurement against these values


Covid scanning in

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Health and safety contractor Health and safety contractor

We are committed to creating a safe working environment that is free of accidents and other workplace risks. A detailed Health and Safety policy governs our work practices and ensures our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the COVID-19 Protection Framework are complied with.

There were 52 health and safety incidents reported in FY22 compared to 38 in FY21. All incidents were classified as minor with no serious harm injuries, a pleasing result that we’re proud to have maintained since FY18.

The data includes any incidents involving our people or contractors together with any reported incidents occurring within the public areas of the portfolio. It includes hazard observations, near misses, injuries requiring first aid, injuries requiring medical treatment and serious harm injuries.


We know that a diverse and inclusive team creates a vibrant work culture with a rich mix of views and ideas. Diversity brings unique perspectives and experiences to problem solving, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

We celebrate individual differences and want our people to feel included and supported.

A comprehensive Inclusion and Diversity policy, which sets goals across gender, ethnicity and age, guides our behaviour and helps ensure we are a representative and inclusive workplace.

Page 107 of this report includes more detail of our workplace demographics and our future targets.

Flexible and progressive employment policies are one of the ways we help reduce bias.

These policies have encouraged a more permanent shift in work practices over the last few years with around 60% of our people preferring to work remotely at least two days a week. New systems and technologies, together with a significant financial contribution toward a home office setup, has facilitated the change. By keeping our people connected and engaged it has generated a positive outcome that is also expected to contribute to a more diverse workforce over time.

A refreshed and contemporary parental leave policy has extended the level of support available to our people. Its coverage provides broader support for both primary and secondary carers. Workplace benefits, including employer Kiwisaver contributions, are also maintained during parental leave, ensuring our people are not financially disadvantaged in their retirement savings.

Sophie Bowden Sophie Bowden
Holly Mace Holly Mace
Holly Mace, Goodman Sustainability Analyst and 2021 scholarship recipient.

We want to develop and foster a diverse talent pool. This focus starts with the recruitment process and a brief to agency partners that ensures they are representing Goodman’s values and supporting us to attract diverse talent.

We empower our managers and provide the tools and processes to help our people reach their potential. Formal induction programmes, regular reviews, career development plans and training objectives provide the pathways that enable our people to thrive.

Training can be online or through more structured learning, with study grants and leave available for technical or tertiary courses. Topics can encompass a range of areas including business management and leadership, communication, compliance, digital literacy, finance and sustainability.

To encourage wider participation in our industry we also provide an annual scholarship for an Auckland University property student. Our 2022 recipient is Caitlyn Khoo.


Goodman’s brand values guide how we interact with each other and ensure we provide our customers and investors with consistently high-quality service as well as innovative and sustainable property and investment solutions.

An employee retention rate of 97% over the last year and results of an all-employee survey in February 2021 show we have a positive and supportive work environment for our people.

We take a holistic approach to wellbeing with a range of initiatives focused on health and happiness. It includes employee assistance programme services, annual flu vaccinations, skin cancer and other health checks, speakers on topical issues, social and cultural events and, sporting and recreational opportunities.

This year we have introduced a caregivers support platform called Circle In. We’ve also launched our wellbeing programme with Groov. Co-founded by Sir John Kirwan, Groov is about helping workplaces, leaders and their people feel good and function well.

Groov Sir John Kirwan Groov Sir John Kirwan
Sir John Kirwan, Groov
Mainfreight Mainfreight
This year we have refreshed our brand values to further align them with our business strategy. Sustainability, Innovation, Determination and Integrity reflect not only who we are today, but who we want to be, long into the future.


New ideas push our business forward. We focus on the future, proactively looking for new opportunities and improved solutions for our stakeholders that will make the world a better place for all of us.




Determination gets things done. We are motivated by excellence and work hard to achieve it, actively pursuing the best outcomes for all our stakeholders.


We have integrity, always. We work inclusively and transparently, balancing the needs of our business and our people with the needs of the community and those we do business with.


We’re building our business for the long term. That’s why we consider the planet and all the people in it in everything we do. Our initiatives demonstrate our ongoing commitment to having a positive economic, environmental and social impact on the world.

Corporate Performance