What drives us

We’re a company that always looks forward. Long-term plans ensure we make the most of changes in market conditions without being impulsive and remain focused on the needs of our customers. Profitability starts with discipline and balancing our core business drivers with the requirements of our proven own+develop+manage strategy

New Zealand’s largest industrial property business

With a market capitalisation of $1.8 billion and a corporate credit rating of BBB from Standard & Poor’s, GMT has grown to become one of New Zealand’s largest listed property investors. It is a high-quality business built around a substantial property portfolio, a wide customer base and a proven development capability.

We have a diverse group of investors that is predominantly New Zealand-based but also includes global investment funds and a sovereign wealth investor.

Managed by the ASX-listed Goodman Group, also GMT’s largest investor, the business benefits from the global perspective and expertise that this strong relationship provides. Our own+develop+manage business model represents our core business functions with the customer as our central focus.


We aim to own the very best industrial assets, in key locations, putting our customers close to consumers in growing markets.


Value-adding development capability and strategic land holdings allow us to build a portfolio of real quality, with facilities tailored to our customers’ unique business requirements


We manage all aspects of our business directly, taking responsibility for our customer and stakeholder relationships.

Our business model is supported by the four strategic pillars that shape our business practices. This ensures that our stakeholders and their expectations are front of mind and that the targets we set are consistent with our corporate values.

  • Sustainable Development
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Performance
  • People and Community


Goodman Business Model Diagram NZ v03


Our vision is to be the leading provider of high quality industrial space.