Asset Management

Superior product and service

Efficient and functional premises:

  • Facilities optimised for customers’ businesses 
  • Ongoing investment
  • Superior customer service
  • Energy efficient fittings
  • Waste management programmes.

Our aim is to deliver superior property solutions to our customers. Maintaining our properties to a high standard and ensuring they are operationally efficient contributes to the strong customer relationships that underpin our investment returns.

Our ability to manage our assets over their lifecycle also improves their long-term environmental and financial performance.

Ongoing energy monitoring across the portfolio, through the Smart Power system, provides detailed energy and carbon reporting data that enables performance benchmarking of our assets against industry targets.

The energy consumed in FY18 totalled 11,479 MWhr(1), 86% of which was electricity with the balance being natural gas.

Our greenhouse gas emissions for FY18 have been estimated at 1,577 tCO2, a decrease of 30% from the previous year. That continues  a five-year trend of falling emissions, largely resulting from the divestment of office assets. New energy efficiency initiatives together with HVAC and building management system upgrades have also attributed.