Sustainable development

Future-proof portfolio

 Creating high-quality estates:

  • Strategic locations close to infrastructure, consumers and transport
  • Industry-leading design
  • Sustainable features and technology
  • Flexibility of use
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior amenity.

As a long-term investor, we seek to futureproof our portfolio. We have formalised this commitment by adopting a base-build specification for new buildings that targets a high-quality design rating.

We work collaboratively with our customers and consultants on new projects, incorporating the latest technology and design features to improve the operational performance of our property portfolio.

We carefully manage the construction process to reduce the environmental impact and require our contractors to minimise waste. Sustainably-sourced building materials add to the quality of our buildings while smart management systems maximise energy efficiency and workplace functionality.

Workplace amenity is another focus. At Highbrook Business Park we provide public spaces and recreational opportunities, enhancing the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and the wider community.

We showcased another aspect of our development capability this year, completing a new fitout for our Auckland office. Designed to achieve a 5 Green Star Interior rating it sets the benchmark for modern workplaces.

As a long-term investor, we seek to futureproof our portfolio.