Diversity and wellbeing

Doing right by our people

We pride ourselves on having a delivery-focused culture. Our people are how we continue to excel, consistently delivering projects that make a tangible difference to businesses in Auckland and beyond.


GMT’s results are a powerful endorsement for the positive outcomes that a talented and diverse team performing a wide range of tasks can deliver. We celebrate individual differences, and have updated our inclusion and diversity policy this year introducing targets across gender, ethnicity and age.

On average, our team is 37 years old, tertiary educated and has been with Goodman for 5.5 years. We are a team that includes 10 different ethnicities and has speakers of nine languages.

To ensure we continue to broaden representation within the business, we have adopted new recruitment practices, including blind CVs and panel interviews. We have also raised our ability to hire diversely through unconscious bias training.

These new policies help ensure we are always employing the best person. Career development, mentoring, and succession planning then give future leaders of the business every opportunity to progress.

A long-term incentive plan, flexible working options and generous parental leave arrangements are also offered to encourage people to stay with the business as their career develops or circumstances change.

We are striving for equal gender representation across all levels of the business. Of the 67 employees and directors included in the table alongside, 41.8% are female and 58.2% are male. The differing targets for 2023 reflect the five year objectives formalised in the Inclusion and Diversity Policy of Goodman (NZ) Limited, which can be found on our website.

Gender diversity 

GMT AR18w gender div table no heading

Board composition

The skill set of our Board members is carefully balanced with commercial, property, capital market and financial expertise, all relevant to the effective and informed governance of GMT.

Our four Independent Directors have an average tenure of almost 10 years. Their depth of experience means they have a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Health and wellbeing

We recently adopted a new activity-based working style. It provides greater flexibility for employees, changing the way individuals can work. The new approach is also facilitating a greater focus on health and wellbeing. A range of initiatives are being undertaken, some of which are also made available to our customers, business partners and the public.

They include:

  • Annual flu vaccines and skin checks
  • Men’s and women’s health seminars
  • Touch rugby and boot camp fitness options at Victoria Park
  • Run & Walk Events at Highbrook Business Park, including the Lead Up Series to the ASB Auckland Marathon and the Waipuna Conference Suites Fun Run
  • Visits from the mobile blood bank and breast cancer awareness caravan within the VXV business community
  • Lunch time yoga classes.

Scholarship winner

Goodman invests in emerging talent and has awarded a scholarship to an outstanding undergraduate property student since 2006. This year’s recipient is Taraani Mohammed, a third year student of the University of Auckland. Taraani was inspired to pursue a career in property after participating in the Shadow a Leader day with John Dakin.