Material factors

The three pillars of sustainable properties, people and culture, and corporate performance incorporate the sustainability topics that are relevant to our business.

We’ve previously identified 16 factors as important contributors to our long-term success. Following recent interviews, where we asked stakeholders what drivers of change they considered to be the most significant for our business, we have refined the list which now includes 14 material factors.

Facilitated by Proxima, the engagement process included a workshop with Goodman team members to review and consider existing material factors.

Face to face, online and phone interviews were then conducted with a representative group of stakeholders. The group included customers, investors, analysts and community partners. 

Of the 22 targeted, 14 participated.

This consultation has refined our material factors and helped prioritise our focus.

We’re challenging ourselves to do better, and do more for the benefit of all, across each of these areas.

The following pages describe these factors and how they integrate into our broader business strategy. It includes reporting on a range of non-financial metrics, monitoring progress against future targets and being accountable for our performance.