Our framework

Our own+develop+manage model represents our core business functions. It is supported by the four pillars of our sustainability framework ensuring that positive outcomes are achieved for all our stakeholders’.

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sustainable developments

Sustainable Developments

As a long-term investor, we seek to future-proof our portfolio. We develop high-quality
facilities in strategic locations close to consumers and key transport infrastructure.

Our base-build specification ensures our new facilities are designed to be industry-leading. They are constructed from sustainably-sourced building materials and we manage the development process to reduce waste and other environmental impacts.

We work collaboratively with our customers and consultants, incorporating the latest technology to maximise the operational performance and energy efficiency of these new buildings. We also focus on workplace amenity, ensuring our customers have functional and flexible facilities that meet their wider needs.

Asset managment

Asset Managment

Maintaining our properties to a high standard and delivering outstanding
customer service contributes to the strong relationships that underpin our financial results. Lifecycle management of our assets improves their environmental and investment performance.

Ongoing energy and waste monitoring across the portfolio benchmarks our assets against best-practice industry standards.

The energy consumed in FY19 totalled 9,600 MWhr, 92% of which was electricity with the balance being natural gas. It represents an 18% reduction from 2018 and continues a five-year trend of falling emissions, largely resulting from the divestment of office assets but also the positive impact from new energy efficiency initiatives.

Corportate performance

Corporate Performace

Recognising that our corporate performance depends strongly on the quality of our partnerships, we seek to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.

We critically assess our performance and provide investors, regulators, customers and community partners with balanced information about our business activities. Robust governance structures give these stakeholders confidence in our reporting and we engage regularly across a variety of communication channels.

Participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2009 demonstrates our commitment to improving the environmental performance of our business. The Trust achieved a climate score of B- in 2018 an improvement on the previous year.

people and community

People and Community

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers, our contractors and the wider community is fundamental to our business and we work to ensure our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 are complied with every day.

We believe that a business with a safe and inclusive culture, that is positively connected with its community, will deliver superior long-term results.

We support and develop our team with a flexible workplace environment that inspires and challenges each employee. Training, diversity and wellbeing initiatives help us reach these goals.

We contribute to the creation of thriving communities through the social initiatives of the Goodman Foundation.