Our sustainability framework

Goodman’s unique Own+Develop+Manage operating model represents its core commercial functions. This strategic approach is supported by a sustainability framework that is fully integrated across all business activities.

A sustainable real-estate business model, that minimises adverse environmental, economic and social impacts, is essential if the Trust is to be successful over the long-term. Acknowledging that its corporate performance is integral to its reputation and longevity, Goodman has integrated these core sustainability principles into its business strategy and brand values.



The three pillars of our sustainability framework


Framework Sustainable Properties

Sustainable Properties

As a long-term investor, we seek to future-proof our portfolio. We own and develop high-quality, energy efficient properties in strategic locations, close to consumers and key transport infrastructure. A focus on workplace amenity ensures Goodman facilities are also designed to meet our customers wider business needs.

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Framework Corporate Performance 482x273

People and Culture

We believe that a business with a safety conscious and inclusive culture, that is positively connected with its community, will deliver superior long-term results. Our people are recruited and rewarded based on their commitment to these values, their professional expertise and their long-term strategic and ethical thinking.

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Framework Corporate Performance

Corporate Performance

We critically assess our performance and provide investors, regulators, customers and community partners with detailed information about our business activities. A sustainable capital structure, contemporary governance policies and commitment to environmental and social initiatives give these
stakeholders confidence in our strategy.

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