People and culture

Focusing on the following material factors helps create a safe and inclusive business:

  • Health, safety and wellbeing

  • Diversity and inclusiveness

  • Social Equity

The table below includes the specific targets we have adopted in relation to these key business drivers:

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers, our contractors, and the wider community has always been our priority.

A detailed policy governs our approach and ensures our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 are complied with every day. Extensive staff training and contractor induction programmes together with comprehensive safety procedures and work practices help create a culture where individuals are empowered to identify, report, and actively prevent harm from occurring.

We are committed to creating a safe working environment, free of accidents and other workplace risks. A management Health and Safety Committee, that reports to the Board, oversees our Health and Safety programme.

There were 38 health and safety incidents reported in FY21 compared to 41 in FY20. This includes all operations involving staff and contractors together with any reported incidents occurring within the public areas of our portfolio. This reporting includes hazard observations, near misses, injuries requiring first aid, injuries requiring medical treatment and serious harm injuries. 100% of the incidents were classified as minor with no serious harm
accidents last year, a pleasing result that we’re proud to have maintained since FY18.

Our responsibilities for keeping people safe and well have been reinforced over the last year as we have dealt with the impacts of a global pandemic.

We responded to COVID-19 by extending our health and safety procedures with new social distancing and contract tracing protocols and by providing personal protective equipment to staff and their families. These precautionary measures have helped keep our team and worksites safe while agile work practices have allowed us to quickly adapt to the new working arrangements made necessary by Alert Level restrictions.

Goodman’s flexible work policy also ensured that every employee received a significant financial contribution toward a home office setup. This has encouraged a more permanent shift in work practices with over 98% of staff now working remotely at least one day a week. It’s a positive outcome that will help contribute to a more diverse workforce over time.

Goodman brand values guide how we interact with each other and ensure we provide customers and investors with consistently high-quality service as well as innovative and sustainable property and investment solutions.

We celebrate individual differences and have a comprehensive inclusion and diversity policy that sets goals across gender, ethnicity and age.

The principles of this policy:

  • promote a culture of inclusion that values and respects individual differences and is free of harassment, victimisation and discrimination;

  • ensure our work practices and workplace facilities provide the flexibility needed to support an inclusive and diverse culture;

  • provide equal access to all employees for skills development and career path progression;

  • recruit and reward equitably on the basis of merit, and

  • comply with all regulatory and compliance obligations in relation to diversity and inclusion.

Flexible employment policies also help reduce bias and ensure we are an inclusive and progressive organisation.

To further empower our people, we have a wellbeing programme focused on health and happiness. These initiatives include annual flu vaccines and skin checks, fun-run events at Highbrook and guest speakers on topical issues. Our workplaces provide high levels of amenity in locations that also offer staff and customers a wide range of recreational opportunities.

These measures have all contributed to a positive work environment which has been reflected in the results of an all staff survey in February 2021. The high level of engagement and satisfaction is a pleasing outcome that indicates we are delivering a business strategy that has the widespread support of our team. The result also confirms that these individuals feel connected and included.

Confidential support is also available through the Employee Assistance Programme should staff prefer external help when personal or work issues arise that affect their wellbeing or impact their ability to do their job.

Training opportunities are encouraged as part of an individual’s career path development and we support wider participation in our industry with an annual scholarship for an Auckland University property student.

We have also extended the support we provide our community partners through the Goodman Foundation, contributing more than $500,000 over the last 12 months to social initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life, standard of living and health of people in the communities where we operate.