Corporate Performance

As a leading NZX investment entity we have a responsibility to provide timely, balanced and readily available information to the investment community, customers, our people and regulators. We engage with our stakeholders on a regular basis, through a variety of communication channels, including formal reporting obligations, regular market announcements and briefings, and more directly through open days, road shows, meetings and other dedicated information channels.

We are an active industry participant and work to advance the interests of all our stakeholders through membership of various groups, the most notable being NZ Business and Parliament Trust, The Property Council of New Zealand and the Green Building Council of New Zealand. Our participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project is ongoing having begun in 2009. It signals a commitment to improving the environmental performance of our business and a willingness to critically assess our own performance.

GMT achieved a climate score of B- in 2016. You can find out more about the rating process and the Carbon Disclosure Project at