Great Customer Stories

Our approach is what defines us, it underpins our success.

Every one of our 179 customers relies on our property expertise. We've chosen four to tell our story. They include international brands and local businesses and are a representative mix of customers that share our focus and share our drive.

The following pages describe each company and tell the story of how they’ve partnered with Goodman to achieve success. They’re aiming high and we’re helping them realise their business ambitions.

While the individual requirements are different, scale and flexibility are themes that stay constant. All our properties are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of customers. They’re highly specified and operationally efficient, they’re well-located, and can accommodate businesses that need access to air, port, rail and road freight networks.

The narrative is the same from customer to customer, Goodman is an important factor in their success. We’re making the space for them to achieve great things. We're making space for greatness.

This is Goodman

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NZ Post

A shared vision for the future has created a long-term partnership that is delivering much more than a traditional commercial relationship. NZ Post is at the forefront of the digital revolution, developing its range of services and utilising its distribution network to facilitate the growth of e-commerce and online shopping across New Zealand.

Greg Morris, National Property Manager for NZ Post, said, “Goodman understands that a well-executed property strategy is critical to the NZ Post business. They are true partners and have the scale and expertise to meet almost any requirement we have.”

Shared corporate values mean NZ Post and Goodman are also working together on new sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives at Highbrook Business Park, improving the performance of four existing NZ Post facilities for the benefit of both parties.

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Nisbets New Zealand Limited

As Europe’s largest catering supplies distributor, the company has been extremely successful at promoting and distributing its range of products. New premises at Highbrook are facilitating its multi-channel retail strategy here in New Zealand.

Nisbets stocks hundreds of items at its Highbrook showroom and warehouse, ranging from restaurant furniture and chef clothing through to cleaning equipment and catering disposables.

David Edkins said, “In Europe we offer same day or next day delivery. We are replicating that customer service focus here in New Zealand to ensure the hospitality industry has immediate access to the high-quality kitchen and catering products it needs.”

It’s a successful strategy that demonstrates how the growth in online retailing is driving demand for well located industrial space close to consumers.

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Ford Motor Company

Ford embraced the opportunity that Highbrook offered, locating its head office and national parts warehouse within the award winning estate. The automotive brand shared the vision and was one of the first customers to commit to Green Star rated office space in 2010. A design-built 10,150 sqm parts warehouse followed five years later.

The record number of new car sales and the success of the recent model range has driven strong growth for the New Zealand branch of the Ford Motor Company.

Craig Sterritt, Ford's Customer Service Director, said “We’ve transitioned from older legacy premises into purpose-built alternatives, enabling our business to operate much more efficiently.”

The benefits of the location and amenity that’s been created were identified as other key factors in Ford's decision to grow its business at Highbrook.

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OfficeMax New Zealand Limited

NZ’s largest office product and business consumable resellers. OfficeMax is represented by a 200 strong sales force, an online store with over 24,000 products and 17 retail stores throughout the country. It has a heritage dating back almost 150 years.

The company was an early adopter of online sales and currently distributes over 8.7 million items annually. The majority of these products are processed and packaged at Highbrook Business Park.

Kevin Obern said, “Goodman is a likeminded partner and this is the location of choice for our North Island distribution centre and headquarters. Business growth, acquisitions and an increased category offering are driving our expansion.”

Goodman continues to share the journey, currently extending the 18,900 sqm facility developed for OfficeMax at Highbrook in 2008.