Our Approach

Goodman Property Trust is New Zealand’s largest listed property investor by market capitalisation. It is a high-quality business built around a substantial portfolio, a wide customer base and a proven development capability.

Our own+develop+manage business model has the customer as its central focus. It’s a simple and effective approach that can be easily explained:
+ We own the very best industrial assets, putting our customers close to consumers in key Auckland locations.
+ Strategic land holdings and a development capability allows us to deliver tailored property solutions for customers.
+ We manage all aspects of our business directly, taking responsibility for all our stakeholder relationships.

This is Goodman

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We invest in industrial property because of its return characteristics, the depth of the market and its unique growth drivers.

Our $2.6 billion property portfolio is now exclusively located in Auckland.(1) We’ve deliberately focused on the country’s biggest city because urbanisation and the growth in e-commerce is increasing demand for logistics and warehousing facilities close to consumers. It’s a global trend that we expect to drive our future performance. (1) After all contracted sales, including post balance date transactions.

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Around 85% of the portfolio has been developed since 2004, creating a modern industrial portfolio of unrivalled quality. Our development programme is concentrated in key Auckland locations where supply is constrained. It is creating high-quality facilities that provide customers with tailored property solutions to help their businesses prosper.

We have around $195 million of projects currently under development. It’s a large volume of work that is supported by a low vacancy rate and strong market fundamentals.

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Directly managing all our business functions differentiates Goodman and enables us to focus on the things that matter to our customers.

While we pride ourselves on how we manage both our customer relationships and property portfolio, equal focus is given to the fiscal management of the Trust. We take a long-term investment view and manage prudently to ensure we maintain a strong balance sheet that supports sustainable growth well into the future.

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Our business is strengthened by the 179 leading companies that have chosen Goodman as their property provider. They represent a range of industries, including automotive distributors, building products, logistics and freight, warehousing and retail operators.

Superior facilities, a commitment to customer service and the ability to accommodate changing business requirements help create long-term partnerships. These relationships create value for our investors and make us New Zealand’s leader in high-quality warehouse and logistics space.